DPP Business Tax

Jenny Collins

Head of Regulatory Investigations

Jenny is a highly respected and established solicitor with experience in all aspects of fraud and regulatory investigations. She is in high demand to act in cases at the High Court, Tax Tribunal and Crown Court. Many of these cases involve multi-faceted proceedings and complex issues.

It’s these complex cases that Jenny is especially well known for. She regularly works with clients of a high net worth along with corporate and individual clients facing very challenging circumstances. Many of her cases involve international elements as well as third party claims, frozen or restrained assets, multi million confiscation orders, and “hidden assets.”

Jenny’s exceptional reputation is thanks in large part to her tenacious and meticulous approach. Her consistent hard work has brought her to the attention of some of the most distinguished barristers in the UK who regard her as a true professional.

Specialisms include:

Fraud cases
• Regulatory investigations
• Multi-faceted proceedings
• Restraint proceedings
• Civil asset recovery proceedings
• Confiscation cases
• Confiscation cases with an international element
• Cases involving “hidden assets”

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