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Taj Barring

Associate Director / Solicitor

Taj is a specialist solicitor with extensive experience. He is particularly in demand in the field of HMRC investigations.

As a solicitor for HMRC investigations, Taj works to support his clients throughout the investigation process. He regularly attends HMRC inspections alongside his clients, often at short notice, and is then able to work with them to resolve any legal issues that arise.

Taj is dedicated to providing each and every client with the best possible service, all with a minimum of disruption to their business. He does this by combining his years of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of HMRC processes and procedures.

Specialisms include:
• HMRC investigations and enquiries
• VAT evasion cases
• Evasion of customs or excise duties
• Criminal investigations
• Historical HMRC investigations
• HMRC tax inspections

Taj Barring Experience Highlights

HMRC Litigation

Successfully acted for one of the largest underbond Southern Ireland wholesale suppliers of drinks from which more than 16,000 litres of wine were seized over suspected customs duty evasion. HMRC actions ruled unlawful.

Successfully acted for UK and Italian based wholesaler/brewer in respect of Judicial Review at High Court against HMRC refusal of regulatory approval for Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS). AWRS Refusal based on suspected UK duty evasion and non -compliance of licence to produce Cider and made wine.

Successfully acted for Italian/Milan based manufacturer of wine in respect of HMRC excise duty assessment of £3.7million on the basis that the assessment was not sent as required by article 9 Directive 2010/24/EU namely that it was sent by ordinary mail whereas it should have been sent by airmail.

Successfully acted for company director of UK based microbrewery in respect of Excise Duty and VAT tax investigation for the production and onwards supply of alcohol arising out of HMRC compliance visit.

Business Investigations

Successful plea bargain negotiations in respect of £34 million tax cheat on behalf of company director of wholesale supplier of drinks after 6 weeks of 3 month trial. HMRC discontinued £189 million money laundering allegation after it was discovered that the prosecution had misled the Court.

Achieved acquittal for Director of Liverpool based property development company in respect of land banking fraud after 4 month trial. Client was also subject to parallel director disqualification proceedings which the CPS attempted to use as bad character evidence in land banking fraud allegation and which was unsuccessful after meticulous preparation of legal argument.

Achieved acquittal of director of motor trading company for the sale of vehicles to Republic of Ireland companies who were subject to VAT assessment of £800,000 and parallel £1.9million money laundering allegation emanating from excise duty fraud operation. Not Guilty after two month trial.

Achieved acquittal of in-house accountant for group of companies in the Construction industry in respect of VAT under-declaration fraud. Not Guilty after 6 week trial.

Achieved acquittal of a defendant accused of money laundering emanating from an HMRC investigation into PAYE and NI fraud after 6 week trial.

Achieved suspended sentence for director of property company in respect of multiple fraudulent applications for mortgages and 5 separate allegations of money laundering.

Proceeds of Crime

Successful POCA settlement for director of Nigerian based Oil and Gas company and UK based employment agency for benefit figure of £7.7million in respect of PAYE and immigration fraud for construction industry employees. Benefit figure reduced to £247,000 after detailed financial analysis of banking and expenditure in respect of UK personal, business accounts and Nigerian business assets and accounts.

Successful POCA settlement for in-house chartered accountant for large scale construction company convicted of CIS Construction Industry Payroll Fraud in the sum of £34million. Benefit figure of £34million reduced to £400,000 and retaining high-value residential property.

Successful POCA settlement of director of wholesale under bond trader of alcohol in respect of £1.15million excise duty fraud. Benefit figure reduced to £115,000 and available amount reduced to nil after third party interest in property successfully argued in favour of defendant.

Successful POCA negotiation for extradited Turkish defendant in respect of international drugs conspiracy which took place over lengthy period in the 1980’s. Benefit figure £6million and available assets reduced due to third party interests.

Successful POCA negotiation settlement for shadow director of gold manufacturer in respect of fraudulent hallmark of gold against the Assay Office. Benefit figure of £1million. Available assets of £86 and hidden assets allegation withdrawn after demonstrating nil assets in offshore jurisdiction.

Successful POCA negotiation for recipient of money laundering activity in HMRC fraud. Benefit figure reduced £177,000 with retainership of a property portfolio.

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