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HMRC Interview Under Caution

An HMRC interview under caution is a meeting during which HMRC will ask you questions about any irregularities within your tax returns. You are not obliged to attend a meeting of this kind, and HMRC interview under caution solicitors will be able to advise you on whether it is best to do so or not, depending on the nature of any HMRC investigation into your taxes.

An interview under caution letter will be sent to you in the earlier stages of a tax investigation and you made find that HMRC decide to discontinue their enquiries after you’ve given them the information they’re looking for but, without expert HMRC interview under caution solicitors by your side, you may find yourself the subject of a criminal investigation that may lead to a fine or even a prison sentence.

How Can DBT & Partners?

It’s highly recommended that you seek HMRC interview under caution representation as soon as you receive any communication inviting you to attend a meeting of this kind. The HMRC interview under caution solicitors employed by DBT & Partners will use their considerable knowledge and experience of the field to advise you whether or not it is best to attend, and will assist you in deciding how to proceed.

We’ll look through all of your documentation and accounts to calculate why you may be under investigation, and help you to collect proof and put together strong arguments to oppose any accusation of fraudulent activity. If you do decide to attend an HMRC interview under caution help is at hand, as our experts will represent you throughout the meeting and assist you in fighting your corner.

Matters Related to HMRC Interviews Under Caution

You may be invited to a HMRC interview under caution if HMRC are investigating you under suspicion of:

If you are invited to a tax investigation interview, it is possible for you to request that the meeting takes place at a location that is comfortable and easy for you. You are permitted to seek HMRC interview under caution help from a legal advisor, who can attend in order to represent you – and we highly recommend that you do so to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to further enquiries.

It is part of the job of the officials in attendance to try to trip you up in order to secure an admission of guilt or evidence of wrongdoing, so even if you are sure you have nothing to hide, having specialist HMRC interview under caution solicitors by your side can truly make the difference to your performance in the meeting and any HMRC interview under caution outcomes.

HMRC Interview Under Caution: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a police interview under caution?

Either one or two HMRC officers will interview you, or, if you are the subject of a joint investigation, a representative of another branch such as the Department for Work and Pensions may attend alongside one HMRC officer. It’s important to remember that you are permitted to remain silent rather than respond to a question, though you may have to explain why you did not answer a particular question if your case ends up in court.

You should always ensure that you do not omit any information or evidence during your HMRC interview that you would be likely to use as part of your court case if the investigation goes that far. If you fail to mention a particular fact or piece of evidence but then bring it up at a hearing, you’re likely to face questions.

The interview will be recorded. You have the right to request a transcript of the interview, and you should also make notes yourself and check them against the information HMRC has recorded to ensure that all the facts and statements match up.

All HMRC interview under caution questions asked should all relate to your tax affairs. They will vary depending on the types of activity for which you are suspected.

At the end of the interview, you will need to sign a paper seal that will be placed around the tape of the interview that has just been recorded in order to prevent tampering, and you’ll also receive written information as to what will happen next.

What happens after an interview under caution for fraud?

Following an interview under caution, you may be required to attend another meeting or hearing. You may also be informed that the investigation against you has been dropped, or that you are to receive a formal caution (which you can choose to either accept or not, depending on your solicitor’s advice), that you must pay an administrative penalty, or that a criminal investigation is to be launched against you with the potential outcome of prosecution.

When will I get an interview under caution decision back?

You will usually be informed of HMRC interview under caution outcomes within two months of the meeting, though you will be informed in writing if the decision process is likely to take longer.

If you have received a letter inviting you to any meeting related to an investigation into your tax affairs, arranging for HMRC interview under caution representation is a highly recommended step. Contact DBT & Partners experienced solicitors today for further information by calling us on 0207 416 6745

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