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If you are concerned that you are likely to be investigated for money laundering, get in touch with the money laundering solicitors at DBT & Partners.

Whether you have only just discovered that anti-money laundering checks have resulted in an investigation being launched, or you’re preparing to defend yourself in court, having been charged with this offence.

We’ll use independent experts to re-examine all evidence used by the prosecution and help you collect your own. We’ll represent you at any hearing or interview you may be required to attend, as well as in the courtroom. We’ll also assist you in the building of your defence to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success.

The business litigation experts at DBT & Partners can also help you to ensure that the anti-money laundering procedures your company has in place are as effective as they can be, and will guide you to improve them if required.

Implications of Accusations of Money Laundering

Money laundering involves handling the proceeds of crime and disposing of or concealing evidence of wrongdoing, this particular offence is taken very seriously by UK law.

Money laundering penalties are severe, and businesses are required to put in place strict anti-money laundering procedures by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Failure to do this may result in your business becoming the subject of a money laundering investigation.

If a money laundering investigation has been launched against you, you may be charged with any of the following offences:

  • Serious Fraud
  • Concealing or disguising criminal property (Section 327 POCA 2002)
  • Arrangements, or the facilitation of money laundering (Section 328 POCA 2002)
  • The acquisition, use or possession of criminal property or monies (Section 329 POCA 2002)

What Are The Stages of Money Laundering?

You may be accused of being involved in any or all of the following stages of money laundering:


This is the term used to describe the transferring of funds from a criminal source into the wider financial system of the UK.


This is a technique that uses a purposefully complicated and convoluted series of transfers and transactions – often involving offshore accounts – to see amounts transferred into the wider financial system without being traced back to their sources.


This describes the process of moving money into the wider financial system by making sophisticated investments to mask its true source.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 states that any of the above offences are punishable by money laundering penalties of up to 14 years in prison on indictment, or 6 months if it is tried as a summary offence. The guilty party may also be served with an unlimited fine.

To properly defend yourself against this potential outcome, it’s vital to make contact with trusted money laundering checks solicitors as soon as you become aware that an investigation is likely to take place.

Money Laundering Offences: Frequently Asked Questions

What is anti-money laundering?

Anti-money laundering checks, procedures and regulations refer to actions that must be taken to prevent individuals or organisations from defrauding others and then concealing or disguising the amounts that are taken.

They can involve anything from companies putting processes in place to prevent the possibility of money laundering on their premises, to individuals tipping off money laundering suspects to the police.

How many stages of money laundering are there?

Money laundering usually follows this pattern: 1. Placement, 2. Layering and 3. Integration. The first step involves the transfer of money from the source. The second refers to the means of disguising the route of the money to make it as hard as possible to trace. The third is the means used to re-enter the amount into the economy.

What is a money laundering check?

Anti-money laundering checks are usually undertaken when a new client – or one who hasn’t had interaction with a company for some time – makes contact to do business. They exist to ensure that everyone involved is who they claim to be and that all transactions are above board and honest. It is just one of how these offences can be prevented. If something appears untoward within a check, a money-laundering investigation may be launched.

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