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Research and Development Tax Fraud

DBT & Partners are an expert team of solicitors who specialise in all areas of fraud. We have had huge successes in research and development (R&D) tax fraud cases for individuals and businesses, and have built winning defence cases in courts across the UK.

Have you been accused of Research and Development Tax Fraud?

R&D fraud cases can be complicated. While there are many examples of out-and-out fraud, there are also many organisations who have mistakenly committed R&D fraud. While tax relief is sought to cover a range of projects, HMRC are strict with what constitutes R&D – and therefore businesses risk fraudulent behaviour if they do not follow the exact conditions of the tax credits.

Research and Development Tax Fraud and the law

Done on a large scale, R&D fraud can net a business millions in tax deductions – which is something HMRC has been focusing on for some time. All types of businesses can be investigated for fraudulent claims. Even tax advisors who assist in fraudulent R&D claims will be subject to investigation.

While the penalties of innocent mistakes are less, those regarding deliberate and fraudulent tax errors can face up to 100 per cent of the understated tax liability. This amount may also be subject to interest.

If you have been suspected of R&D tax fraud, contact our team immediately by clicking here.

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