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If you require legal advice regarding official external or internal corporate investigations, the solicitors at DBT & Partners can assist you.

With over 30 years of experience successfully representing corporate and commercial clients, our legal specialists can help you to build a strong defence if your company has been accused of:

Or a number of other business-related offences.

What is a business investigation?

“Business investigation” is a broad umbrella term referring to any internal or external process that is undertaken with the purpose of examining your company’s activities to ensure they are lawful.

An investigation may be prompted if your company is accused or suspected of:

External business investigations may be undertaken by HMRC or a variety of other official regulatory bodies.

Should an investigation find evidence that your company has broken the law, you may face severe penalties including unlimited fines or up to 10 years’ imprisonment. For this reason, it is vital that you seek legal assistance as soon as you become aware of any official investigation.

Business Investigations Solicitor in London

For comprehensive and transparent corporate investigation services, contact DBT & Partners. Our business investigations solicitors can assist you in collecting evidence to prove that you are innocent of fraud. We can also work to have penalties commuted or apply for Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

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