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Dawn Raids and Seizure

If you’ve been affected by a dawn raid or a seizure, you will need to seek legal advice immediately. Beyond the reasons for the raid taking place, the experience of the police force breaking into your home unannounced can cause shock and distress.

Raids can also happen unnecessarily – as a result of a mistake or a mix-up. That’s why we advise that you obtain legal assistance as soon as possible.

What Can Happen In a Dawn Raid?

Dawn raids are normally carried out around 6 am and 7 am, as a way of catching a suspect unawares.

These raids are authorised by court order when there is substantial reason to believe that there is evidence to support a case – in the form of documents, computers, files and other material.

Often, dawn raids take place where the family of the suspect are sleeping and can be a terrifying and traumatic experience.

There may also be extensive damage to the property – particularly to doors, windows and furniture.

Dawn raids are all carefully planned, but the suspect will know nothing about it until it happens. This element of surprise is to make sure the individual is completely unprepared and minimises the chances of evidence being hidden.

What Problems Can Occur In a Dawn Raid?

A raid can cause property damage, and the police will not cover repairs. On top of this, documents not relevant to the investigation, but crucial to the work or education of the other inhabitants, could be seized.

Police are also authorised to use Tasers and be accompanied by police dogs – both of which can lead to injuries occurring.

How DBT & Partners Can Help.

Legal advice must be sought as soon as a raid takes place. In some civil cases, you may be sent a notification that a search order has been applied for – which allows you to stop the search from happening.

If you are arrested in the aftermath of a raid, our criminal lawyers are available to attend the police station as quickly as possible be present at any interviews and provide advice.

Our business investigations team specialise in all areas of criminal law and can help with all aspects of dawn raids, seizures and subsequent arrests.

Call us on: 0207 416 6745 or contact us here – one of our dawn raids solicitors will contact you as soon as possible.

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