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HMRC Regulatory Advice

Due to our specialist skills and wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC, DBT & Partners can guide your business with respect to HMRC’s many policies and procedures and provide you with regulatory advice. This will ensure your business is compliant with UK tax law, and will help to prevent any future HMRC investigation. If you are facing an HMRC investigation, our experienced tax experts are on hand to provide a quick and remedial service. We will deal with HMRC on your behalf whenever possible and will strive to rectify the situation as smoothly as possible.

We specialise in HMRC tax dispute resolution. We can handle the investigation for you directly, or we can provide specialist support services to your accountant if you would prefer.

Among other matters, We provide advice and representation about:

  • VAT civil or criminal investigations, assessments, wrongdoing penalties and voluntary disclosures.
  • Excise duties – Assessments
  • Excise wrongdoing penalties
  • Detained and seized goods
  • Reviews and appeals
  • WOWGR and Registered Consignee registrations (including preparation assistance for the HMRC business case)
  • Revocations
  • Excise warehouse and related applications
  • The imposition of conditions upon arrivals
  • Duty drawback claims
  • Premises and movement guarantees
  • Customs duties and assessments
  • Income tax and corporation tax
  • Appeals to the Tribunal’s Tax Chamber against decisions made by HMRC
  • Provide due diligence and registration advice to those businesses, which will be required to be registered under the Wholesalers of Alcohol Registration Scheme (AWRS), with effect from 1st January 2016.
  • Due diligence on your suppliers, customers and other business partners, with preparation and implementation of anti-money laundering policies and procedures. We have advised global companies, such as The Carphone Warehouse, on their internal and commercial due diligence procedures.
  • Money laundering regulations – Civil penalties, registrations and enquiries.
  • High-Value Dealer registrations.
  • Due diligence about your supply chain, in the light of HMRC’s Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS)
  • Help restore any goods that have been seized or detained by HMRC.
  • VAT/excise/customs duty assessments.
  • VAT and excise wrongdoing penalties.
  • Joint and several liability assessments.

 Why choose DBT & Partners?

Here at DBT & Partners, we understand that large and small business taxes can be a minefield. That’s why our specialist tax lawyers can assist you by providing you with bespoke tax advice and solutions. Our tax experts can offer tax planning advice and have experience in negotiating with HMRC and appealing against their decisions at all levels.

As leading tax lawyers, we have assisted numerous businesses with HMRC visits and tax dispute resolutions, and have delivered successful results. Our dedicated tax experts will review your tax matters meticulously, to achieve the most successful outcome for your business.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you whether HMRC has followed the correct procedures and policies. Our tax experts have specialist knowledge of HMRC internal processes to successfully challenge HMRC decisions in the Tax Tribunals. We regularly work with accountants to ensure that collectively we can obtain the best possible resolution to your matter.

Our method:

We have a strict procedure in place to ensure every tax dispute undergoes a thorough initial assessment. Typically we do the following:

  • Assess your tax issues
  • Gather all relevant documents needed for your tax matter
  • Communicate with HMRC until they have reached a decision
  • Complete all paperwork
  • Review your tax matter before responding either to HMRC or the Tribunal and/or Court
  • Manage the entire Litigation Process

Our dedicated tax experts will help you reduce the risk exposed to your business by HMRC so that you can run/manage your business in the most efficient problem-free manner.

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